Here is some of the work we have completed for other happy customers:

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Range Rover Tailgate & Bumper Repair

Ford Fiesta R. Bumper Crack Repair

Ford Fiesta Dent Repair

Audi Q3 Rear Bumper Repair

VW Golf F. Bumper Scuff Repair

Mini Cooper R. Quarter Dent Repair

R. Bumper Scratch Repair

Mazda 2 F. Bumper Scuff Repair

BMW 420i F. Bumper Scratch Repair

Mazda 3 F. Wing Dent Repair

Vauxhall Zafira Dented Sill Repair

Peugeot 208 Door Dent Repair

R. Door Dent Repair

Seat Leon F. Bumper Scuff Repair

Ford Focus Dent Removal & Paint

Dent Repair At BodyTech Solihu

Heavily Dented R. Quarter Repair

VW Golf Panel Replacement

Mazda F.Bumper & Wing Scratch Repair

BMW F. Bumper Scuff Repair

Heavily Dented Door Repair

Lamborghini Countach Full Respray

Heavily Scratched Bumper Repair

Audi A4 R. Quarter Dent Repair

Nissan X-Trail R. Bumper Repair

BMW 2 Series Bumper Scuff Repair

Audi Q5 Stone Chip Repair

Fiat 500 Dent Removal

Quarter Panel Replacemen

R. Bumper & Quarter Dent Repair

Repaired At BodyTech Solihull

Mazda 3 Dent Repaired & Painted

Ford Fiesta R. Bumper Scuff Repair

Mazda 3 Dent Repaired & Painted

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