We offer a range of Services, take a look at some of them below and please Contact us for any further information! 

Bumper Repair

At BodyTech we can repair any small to medium damage to your bumper, this may be a scuff or an actual dent. If the damage is fairly large it may be more cost effective to use a new bumper in which case we will purchase the bumper from an approved supplier and fix this for you. 

Scratch Removal

There can be nothing worse sometimes than the effect scratches can leave on your paintwork, no matter the depth of the scratch BodyTech can fix it. Repairing some scratches to paintwork can be easier than you would think so pop over to our Contact Us page and we can have a look at this for you!


We pride ourselves on the finish of our paintwork, weather it is stone chips or vandal scratches, we will return your car with no evidence of the damage ever being there! 

Accident Repair

At BodyTech we work with insurance providers, car manufacturers and the general public. You may have some serious damage and be unsure weather it would be best to pay for the damage to be repaired or to go through your insurance provider. We will always be honest in the route we would suggest and can carry out the work for yourself or for your insurance company.


Our Experienced team have years of experience in removing dents from the panels of your car. Similar to bumper repairs, we will find the most cost effective way of fixing any damage: if a new panel will save you money then that is what we will advise.

Full Respray

The team at BodyTech have years of experience with car body paint, weather you just need some panels re-painting or you feel that the whole vehicle could do with a full respray, either way we will return your car with the perfect finish!